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  • Environmental
  • Laundry

Leveraging cutting-edge technology as a differentiator to controlling costs has made Confidence Management Systems the choice of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Green and expense management initiatives incorporating innovative application of technology have added client value. Easily implemented they have driven significant productivity, improved internal efficiencies, and have created a compliant environment.

The intersection of technology and the human element has focused our internally developed training models. They have empowered our team members by providing them with industry specific performance and interpersonal skills. Continuing education including in-service and cross-training programming reinforces policies, metrics tracking and overall standards. Well trained team members seamlessly integrated with technology allows us to place a spotlight on these oft overlooked environmental needs:

  • infection control
  • chemical management
  • quality assurance
  • OSHA compliance
  • We are committed to protecting and improving your environment. Promoting sustainability through environment-friendly products and practices tailored to meet the facility specific challenges and objectives.

    We know that there’s more to patient care than laundry. Featuring flexible controls, quality materials and green friendly structures our clients have come to trust, each on-premise product is designed to help process laundry faster and more efficiently. Keying in on the following four factors has optimized our laundry and linen solution:

  • laundry science
  • sustainable cleaning
  • inventory control
  • effective practices
  • Whether we design and construct your on-premise laundry or operate an existing one, our systemic approach has maximized throughput and minimized costs. Using near neutral pH detergents for a broad range of soil particulates has resulted in softer feeling fabrics. Proper inventory control and par level management allows linen fibers to rest thereby extending linen life. Proprietary workflow tools, effective pre-treat/rewash programs and cross training maximizes labor hours and diminishes labor cost.

    Soft bright whites and meticulous handling of your linens and patient clothing create a calm soothing environment for your patients and guests!